Physician Contract Negotiation

Your physician contract negotiation is the largest professional decision of your life, ultimately worth millions of dollars.  It's important to get it right.


Hundreds of physician contract situations.  Since 1995.  Top programs.  Star physicians.  Results.  Acclaim.  Guaranteed.

Physician Contract Negotiation Fundamentals

MedAccord's classic, full-service Agent package uses three fundamental physician contract negotiation principles.

First, you should choose your physician contract rather than simply being chosen. That means searching widely and having alternatives.

Second, MedAccord's experience can help you score the financial details, your chances of loving your work, and your chances of career security.

Third, you don’t need to say “yes” to anything that's not fair.  MedAccord's experience can help you "get to yes" without alienating the employer.

That's physician contract negotiation. 

See the Fees page for details about the full service Agent Package -- or the limited scope Salary Booster.

Physician Contract Negotiation Financial Details

A difference of as little as $50,000 per year in income and benefits in a physician contract negotiation, over 20 years, is worth $1 million.

Because actual practices usually have even greater variations, picking the right practice literally is worth $ millions.

The Agent Package will help you identify career “lemons” otherwise hard to spot. And potentially negotiate difficult spots.

Or, the Salary Booster can help with just your salary.

Both are guaranteed.  See the Fees page.

Duties Under Your Physician Contract

Based on experience, in the Agent Package, MedAccord will help you understand whether the employer is presenting the physician contract and your duties in a fair, standard manner.

Physician Contract Job Security

Pick the wrong place, and you may be unemployable for a long period, and never fully recover.  Horror stories abound.

In the Agent Package, MedAccord will analyze and potentially negotiate the career security of the position and punishments if you are terminated.

Physician Contract Negotiation Details Matter

MedAccord's Agent Package can help you understand the full situation that physician contract "wannabes" will have difficulty spotting.

Setting A Physician Contract Negotiation Tone

Do you know how to ask physician contract negotiation questions without alienating an employer?  MedAccord does. MedAccord can help you.

MedAccord is not a hardball physician contract negotiator, but rather, a patient, friendly questioner who create trust and friendly, win/win success.

See the Fees page and guarantee for details.


See the Fees page about the two guaranteed packages.

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If you perform career surgery on yourself, or with inexperienced help,
it likely will be painful, botched, with serious later complications.

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